Recap: May 30 – Day 6, Thursday

The last day of the Women Deliver 2013 Global Conference focused on looking to 2015 and beyond. Of all of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set to expire in 2015, MGD 5 is the furthest behind and it is critical to take a stock of why it is not being reached. To do so, delegates attended panels, plenaries, and sessions highlighting why the well-being of girls and women should be a top developmental priority in the new development framework. Delegates attended “To the Point” sessions which were similar in structure to TEDTalks.  There, they heard MSH President and CEO Dr. Jonathan Quick speak about Why Universal Health Care is a Women’s Issue.

During the afternoon, the delegates had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Melinda Gates and Chris Elias from the Gates Foundation. During the meeting, they were briefed on the Gates Foundation’s work and gained a better understanding of the role foundations play in advancing global health priorities. The day concluded with an interactive dinner discussion hosted by the Global Health Corps, Pathfinder International, and PSI, entitled “Smells Like Teen Spirit – A Look at the Role and Importance of Youth in Global Development Efforts. Delegates and youth facilitators discussed the unique services and interventions that young people need, why rolling out and implementing youth-specific policies are key,the important role young people play in health and development efforts, and where young people fit into the post2015 development agenda.

Melinda Gates speaking at the Women Deliver 2013 Conference after meeting with the group.

Melinda Gates speaking at the Women Deliver 2013 Conference after meeting with the group.

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