Recap: May 27 – Day 3, Monday

On Monday morning, the delegation visited the Ministry of Health, where they were briefed on the current investments in, and the successes of, the Malaysian healthcare system. The briefing identified how the Malaysian health system’s successes can be used as an example to achieve similar results in other countries and helps meet the Millennium Development Goals.

After the Ministry briefing, delegates visited the Putrajaya Health Clinic outside of Kuala Lumpur. There, they toured an integrated family health clinic with Malaysian government officials. Delegates gained an overview on the clinic’s holistic health services; saw the impact of family counseling, education, reproductive health, and family planning services; and gained a better understanding of health research and development, social marketing, and health promotion initiatives. The delegates also met directly with the women and children who are benefiting from the Putrajaya Health Clinic‘s services.

Full group at the Ministry of Health.

Full group at the Ministry of Health.

At the Putrajaya Family Clinic.

At the Putrajaya Health Clinic.

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