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Recap: Day 6 – Friday, February 20

The delegates started their second day in Lusaka bright and early with a breakfast discussion with representatives from Zambian non-governmental organizations. The delegates learned about the work of local organizations in improving and expanding access to quality health services in Zambia.

Following the breakfast meeting, the delegates received a quick site visit briefing before departing for Liteta Hospital in Chibombo District, located in Zambia’s Central Province. Chimbobo District is one of Zambia’s largest districts and is about an hour outside of Lusaka. The delegates toured Liteta Hospital, where they got to see a rural, district-level hospital firsthand. While there, they learned about key challenges in health equity and service delivery at the district-level. The hospital staff shared how they address these¬†challenges through improvements in pharmaceutical management, quality assurance, and capacity building of laboratories.

While in Central Province, the delegates also visited Medical Stores, Ltd. (MSL) before returning to Lusaka. The delegates toured the MSL facilities and learned about US-funded pharmaceutical strengthening efforts, from strengthening internal quality control practices to implementing standard operating procedures and improving patient access to essential medicines.

The delegates spent their last evening in Zambia meeting with the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC) over dinner. NAC is a broad-based corporate body in Zambia comprised of government, private sector, and civil society representatives. The delegates learned how NAC coordinates, monitors, and evaluates inputs, outputs, and the impact of HIV/AIDS, STI, and TB programs and interventions in Zambia.

Stay tuned for our final recap as the delegates visit Chilenje Clinic and the Lilayi Elephant Nursery in Lusaka before departing Zambia to return to Washington, DC.