Why South Africa?

Twenty years after apartheid, South Africa serves as a vivid and dynamic example of the potential for and challenges of capacity building and country ownership, as the country has a rapidly growing network of diverse civil society organizations and the local government has undertaken a number of significant initiatives including National Health Insurance. Furthermore, the country implements a model of decentralization in the health sector, which offers a unique opportunity to explore the benefits and challenges of such a system in comparison to more traditional models. The USAID health program in South Africa is one of the agency’s largest and focuses primarily on leadership, governance and capacity building within the national health system for greater sustainability.

“Now to meet the challenge of PEPFAR’s second decade, we have to transform America’s role, and we need no clearer example of the transformation that we need to realize than South Africa, Rwanda, and Namibia, which – all you have to do is look at the work that they’re doing with the Country Health Partnerships. These countries provide a model for how PEPFAR is transitioning from providing direct aid to delivering support for locally run and self-sustaining efforts. This is a vital transformation.”
-US Secretary of State, John Kerry in his remarks at President Obama’s World AIDS Day Event

“Of course, the success of the program ultimately lies in its sustainability. Already, South Africa has done important work to develop robust, sustainable health systems, and, through the new Country Health Partnership launched by Secretary Kerry last year, we will continue to support these efforts. By 2017, South Africa will be the first country in Africa to fully manage its care and treatment program under PEPFAR – a tremendous achievement”
-Deputy Secretary of State, Heather Higginbottom in her remarks for South Africa’s National Day Ceremony

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