Recap: Day 5 – Thursday, February 19

Today the delegates traveled to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.  As one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa, Lusaka offers an expansive display of both the commerce and government sectors in Zambia.  The delegates learned more about national and community development projects in Zambia through meetings with key Zambian and United States government officials.

The delegates began their visit to Zambia by visiting the US Embassy in Lusaka, where they gained a deeper understanding of the role of US health and foreign assistance in Zambia.  The delegates met with the US Ambassador and representatives of US government agencies, including the USAID Mission, CDC, Peace Corps, and Defense.  Through these meetings, the delegates discovered how the different agencies coordinate and engage in Zambia’s health and development. Furthermore, the delegates learned more about the progress and challenges facing Zambia’s health systems.

Next, the delegates met with the Zambian Minister of Health and Permanent Secretary to better understand the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) priorities and health policy objectives.  Following their meeting at the MoH, the delegates met with the Permanent Secretary and Ministry of Community Development, Mother & Child Health (MCDMCH) representatives to learn about MCDMCH priorities. As the implementation arm of the national health system, MCDMCH plays a vital role in health systems delivery. Through these meetings, the delegates gained insight into the perspective of the Zambian government as a health system implementer and key policy initiatives related to the national health system.

The day concluded with a dinner and discussion with the Directors of the MoH and MCDMCH.  The dinner roundtable discussion centered on technical issues, including disease surveillance, human resources for health, and maternal child health in Zambia.

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