Study Tour

Congressional Staff Study Tour, Haiti
December 14-18, 2014

MSH is proud to sponsor a four-day health systems study tour in Haiti with congressional staff. Through meetings with local leaders and implementers, tours of US and non-US supported project sites, and visits to local health facilities and communities, this trip will demonstrate the work still to be done while celebrating the progress made to achieve a healthy future in Haiti. The study tour will occur from December 14-18, 2014.

The overarching theme of the December 2014 study tour is to examine the US government funded health efforts in Haiti. The approaching five year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake has brought the country’s rebuilding efforts to the forefront of international development conversations once again.  Unfortunately, much of the post-earthquake development dialogue has focused on the setbacks and delays of large-scale infrastructure and rebuilding projects without considering sectors such as health that have made relative progress. It is clear that greater awareness is needed among U.S. decision makers and the press in order to disaggregate the good from the bad and to recognize the health progress being made in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population.

An accurate understanding of the progress made in Haiti’s long-term development requires long-term engagement and an ongoing stakeholder dialogue, led by Haitian voices. This health- and impact-focused study tour will allow participants to see firsthand the impact of US health investments in Haiti. They will meet with USAID and State Department officials, Haitian government officials, as well as local civil society, NGO and private sector leaders to better understand Haiti’s progress in health. By touring both U.S.- and internationally-funded projects and meeting with local implementers participants will receive a broad understanding of the results achieved and the challenges that remain to build a strong and sustainable national health system. These visits will include sites in and around Port-au-Prince that feature youth engagement, health infrastructure development, as well as community health workers.  The trip will seek to visit communities up close in Fermathe and the Tabarre area.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Participants will understand the successes that have been made in Haiti’s health sector post-earthquake
  • Participants will meet with Haitian government, private sector, and civil society leaders as well as local US officials and staff
  • Participants will understand the roles of civil society organizations, public-private partnerships and the local government in building and sustaining strong health systems at all levels to addresses major health challenges, such as natural disasters and crises
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of Haiti’s remaining health challenges
  • Participants will get a current view of the status of communities impacted by the 2010 earthquake